About J Nut Bio

Welcome to J Nut Bio—the one place where all your gambling questions can find the answers that they need!

Who We Are

J Nut Bio is run by a fun-loving bunch of luck enthusiasts led by one Johnnie Thompson. Mr. Thompson once worked at a casino for over a decade. During his time there, he had come across so many people that did not exactly look like they knew what they were doing. They could have asked but given the venue, it seemed that timidity and shyness won over common sense.

As such, Mr. Thompson decided that he wanted to build a site that provided useful information about the world of gambling. He knew that he could not do it alone so he brought together a talented bunch of people who share his passion for gambling and helping other people out.

What We Do

We will be publishing many different articles that touch upon a variety of gambling topics. It is our goal that common information that may be overlooked be discussed plainly and succinctly.

Reach Out

If you believe that you have a gambling question or concern that you want us to talk about, feel free to get in touch with us. You can ring us up at 580-528-0938!