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The world of websites and online information are often peddled by others as a fierce battlefield for “engagement”, “returns”, and “clicks”. There are many publications that do treat information as currency and selfishly try to make massive profits with very little returns for others.

We want to break away from this. We also know that there are many out there that want to break away from the toxic side of online information. We want to build a better space wherein other sites, brands, businesses, and personalities can market themselves in the best ways possible.

Let’s Help Each Other Out!

We aim to create this better space by opening our site to online advertising. That’s right—you can run your ads with us! You no longer need to worry about having to pay expensive fees that traditional advertising carries. You can also avoid the exorbitant fees that other websites charge for their digital space.

We know what it is like to need a bit of a boost in order to be recognized. There were other kid sites that helped provide that boost for us and we want to pay it forward. As such, if your business, brand, or event needs a bit of a boost, we can run ads on our site about you. We can even write sponsored content to provide a more comprehensive look at what you have to offer!

If you believe that we are a good place for your online marketing needs, leave us a message at 580-528-0938.