Write For J Nut Bio!

Writing takes a balance of passion, gumption, and a self-sustained drive. In our journey to create a positive space for those that like to gamble, we have come to realize that we need more writers!

Join Our Writing Team

We would like to announce that our writing team is expanding! The topic of gambling is old and quite expansive. As such, we would like more people to help us build a good place that discusses useful gambling details and updates.

We need writers who:

  • Enjoy research – many of the topics that gambling has can require a bit of reading up on. We want people who are able to read up on a lot of thing and not find it a chore.
  • Can stick to deadlines – while online, this is a publication after all. We need people who can stick to commitments that will enable this site to put up articles in a timely manner.
  • Have integrity – there have been many cases where other websites that had their hearts in the right place hired the wrong people and ended up paying for it. We do not want to be one of them and therefore require our writers to turn in 100% original content.

Mind you, we do not require that our writers have professional experience. We accept submissions and applications from those that want to gain a foothold in the world of professional writing. If you think you would be a good fit, get in touch with us at 580-528-0938.